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XRP4U are honoured to be included in the Bob Way Study Group to progress the knowledge of XRP and its Ledger (XRPL)

This forum gives the perspective from our point of view only and as the Syllabus progresses we will update the forum and present unique XRP4U created videos and Tutorials and in depth explanations of XRPL from the knowledge shared by Bob.

Please respect each other, everyone has a different point of view.

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Early Study Course decisions

Early Study Course Decisions

Early Study Course Decisions


Study Group Syllabus
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 1. Rippling Payment Basics

Rippling Payment Basics



2. The Shape of Money

The Shape of Money


 3. Blockchain Technology

Blockchain Technology


 4. How Prices Move

How Prices Move



5. Cryptocurrency Ideology

Cryptocurrency Ideology


 6. Money Flows (Cross Currency)

Money Flows (Cross Currency)


 7. Advanced Configuration Shapes

Advanced Configuration Shapes




  1.  Rippling Payment Basics

Tech Training Deck

Ledger Graph Notation

      • Entities
      • Accounts
      • Orders
      • Payments

Rippling Payments

      • XRP Ledger
        • Privacy
        • Scalability
        • Compliance


      • Off Ledger Addressing
      • Compliance
  • ILP
  • Privacy
  • Scalability
  • Instant Settlement Pattern
    • Synchronized (Atomic) Accounting
    • Avoiding Risk
    • Inclusion    


    • Setting up a testnet address/secret pair
    • Definining a testnet name/address pair
    • Creating a fiat currency account
    • Receiving fiat
    • Sending fiat to others
    • Creating a second fiat currency account
    • Circular payments to convert one fiat currency to another
    • Market Orders
      • Viewing the current market
      • Creating your own order
    • Understanding Lowest-Cost Pathfinding


  •  The Shape of Money (Systems)
        Money Itself = Liquidity
        Definition (see the IMF doc on cryptocurrency)
            Medium of Exchange
            Unit of Account
                Debt Repayment
                Contracts for Future Payments
            Store of Value

    Ledger Graphs
        Federal Reserve Notes
        Banking         facilitating payments
        Local Money        Ideological money
        Gateways        Local Money on XRP Ledger
        LETS            Liquidity without Money
        Cryptocurrency     Money without promises

    Multiplying the Utility of the Existing Money
        Increasing its Velocity
            Local Banking
                circulates money faster in a community, allowing the same money to pay more bills.
            Local Money 
                circulates money faster in a community, before that money leaves to pay remote bills.
        Lending – increases the velocity of money
            Local Banks
                Increases the velocity of the “horded” money.
                Increases the value of the “hoarded” money by allowing it to find work.
                Keeps the “horded” money in the local community, so it doesn’t have to leave to find work.

        Increasing Liquidity without Increasing Money-Tokens 
            Bank Lending    ->    Creates liquidity without creating tokens
            Personal Lending->    Creates liquidity without creating tokens
            LETS            ->    Creates liquidity without creating tokens
            Social Credit    ->    Creates liquidity without creating tokens
            “Good ol’ Boy networks”        ->    Creates liquidity without creating tokens
                Crypto Investors        ->    Creates liquidity without creating tokens
                Crypto Lending (WTF?)    ->    Creates liquidity without creating tokens

    Fractional Reserve Banking
        Zero Reserve Banking
        Safe Deposit Boxes

    Collateralized Lending

  •  Blockchain Technology
            Journal vs Ledger
            Double Entry Bookkeeping
            Unspent Transaction Outputs (UTXO)
            XRP Ledger
            Paranoia as a feature
            Addresses, Secrets, Public & Private Keys
            Merkle Tree Proofs
                1, 2, 3
            Proof of…


  •  How Prices Move
            Makers vs Takers
            WANT vs NEED
            Market Makers
        Payment Size vs
            Liquidity (capital requirements)
        Stability is balanced flows
        Imbalanced flows require liquidity circles
            Alternative paths
            Market Maker re-balancing


  •  Cryptocurrency Ideology
        Coins vs Bank Accounts
            Virtual Physical Currency
            Account opening direction
            Who can hold coins/accounts
            Funds freezing
        Code Words
            Anonymity vs Pseudonymity
            Censorship Free
            Traceability – Link-ability
            Secure, Private, Untraceable, Fungible
            Ring Signatures
            Private Addresses
            Transparent Addresses
            Zero Knowledge Proofs



  •   Money Flows (Cross Currency)
        Pre-Transaction Negotiation Flows
        4 Tiers from previous deck
           Bank Transfers
            Card Networks – Payments
            Money Services Businesses
                Remittance – Bill Pay
                Fincen PDF
            Person to Person Payments
                Paypal – MSB
                Venmo – MSB
                Cryptocurrency – ???
                Rippling Payments
            Xpring / Coil


  •  Advanced Configuration Shapes
        Pre-Transaction Negotiation Flows
        “Stable Coins”
        JPM Coin – Dollar clearing use case
        Fed Coin – “A payment” use case
            Effect on bank deposits
            Effect on liquidity
        Stellar/IBM configuration
        Dis-intermediating the Dollar (De-risking)


  •  Anyone to Anyone
        Expanding the network
        Joining together different tiers (network effect)
        How Nostro accounts work
        XRP Bridge
        Driving payments through XRP
        Community Size vs Value

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