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#XRPcommunity Developers

Building on the XRP ledger

Dev Profiles

#XRPCommunity Developer profiles as an individual

Dev Groups

#XRPCommunity Developer profiles as a group

Live Projects

Good Stuff For You Now!

Developer initiatives

Supporting Developers on the XRP Ledger

devs be recognised

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The open platform for money

Ripple’s ecosystem initiative to build the Internet of Value using open source crypto protocols



Wietse Wind

Nederland (Netherlands)


Nederland (Netherlands)



Tristan van de Kamp

Nederland (Netherlands)

Craig DeWitt

San Francisco, CA

Product @ Ripple



Mo Morsi

New York, New York




Richard Holland

Canterbury Region, New Zealand

Toast Wallet

Hot Pocket (Codius)

Markus Alvila



Jonathan Green

United States

Daniel Carroll

Watertown, NY




Developer Groups



Signing Platform (App)

Decentralized Exchange UI

Cold Storage OS


Engineering solutions for The Digital Age



Scrambled Egg Technologies, LLC

Scrambled Egg Technologies, LLC United States

Secure Block Chains

Developing Smart Solutions for the XRP community

Harbor Wallet

Reservoir Lite (now integrated into Harbor Wallet)

XRP Forensics

XRP Forensics are building tools to help people who have been victims and to prevent others from becoming so

Alloy Networks

Custom hosting provider for enterprise applications. Part of the recommended UNL for the XRP ledger. Also run XRPL public hub @alloynetworks: Estonia

XRP Utility Scan

ODL transaction tracker @mouradski, @badrain344, @0Llac3

Coming Soon

Coming Soon

Coming Soon

contributions to the internet of value

go beyond your limits

Created by the #XRPcommunity for the #XRPcommunity

Live and kicking

XRPTipBot: @WietseWind

Helping to spread the ❤️ using XRP tips

XRPText: @WietseWind

When sending funds, both you and the recipient will receive a text message, so you can even send XRP to people that have never used XRP Text before.
Public Beta

Ledger Exposed: @WietseWind

Because everything on the XRP ledger is public information

Music Player: @WietseWind

Music Player, Web Monetised!

XRPParrot: @WietseWind

XRParrot, turning your fiat to XRP. All it takes is a SEPA bank transfer

XRPSCAN: @xrpscan

XRPL Deep Scan stats: Scrambled Egg Technologies, LLC
Publilc Beta

Puma Browser

Mobile Privacy focused web browser with a new way to pay for content and services without ads and tracking. Powered by Coil and Interledger Protocol.

Xsongs: @CryptoCwby

Xsongs, Buy songs with XRP
Public Beta

XRP Toolkit: @xrptoolkit

XRP Toolkit Limited. Soft Wallet with optional hardware
Public Beta

Toast Wallet: @ToastWallet

StarStone Software. Online/Offline XRP soft Wallet

Harbor Wallet

A comprehensive desktop wallet for XRP that is both fast and easy to use. Stable Connection using a Private Rippled Node, Peer to Peer Trading, Convert XRP Into Other Coins, Advanced Order Types such as Trailing Stop Loss


ledger.observer is a real-time visualization of the XRP Ledger (XRPL)

The XRP ledger, visualised

The full XRP ledger, visualised and interactive

XRP Utility Scan

ODL transaction tracker
Public Beta

Liquidity Index

ATH tracker

Dex xrplapps.com/

Validator Ranking and DEX velocity of value

Supporting Developers on the XRP Ledger

Developer initiatives


Xpring Platform provides developer tools, services, and programs to integrate money into your apps.

University Blockchain Research Initiative (UBRI)

Ripple is collaborating with leading universities around the world to support and accelerate academic research, technical development and innovation in blockchain, cryptocurrency and digital payments.

Raised In Space

A music/tech investment group focused on raising the value of music. Raised In Space shepherds extraordinary entrepreneurs creating solutions for the music value chain by providing sophisticated industry intelligence and hands-on guidance, making investments that range from 500K to 5MM


Forte is accelerating the adoption of blockchain technology in the games industry by equipping developers with easy-to-use technology and tools that lay a new foundation for player-driven game economies, better aligning incentives between players and publishers


$100 million fund to benefit creators and promote innovation in web monetization

Not mentioned here but you should be?


XRP4U Landing Page

Home Page

A login is not required to use XRP4U but you may want to create a Login for the XRP4U shop, the XRP4U shop also has a Guest checkout.

You can also create a Login using your Social media for security and simplicity.


Here we simply explain what XRP is and Who is utilising XRP transactions in their products (XRP Ecosystem)

What is XRP

XRPL Simply Explained

XRPL Projects/XRPL Labs

  • XUMM
  • XRPTipBot

SBI Ripple Asia


UK Crypto TAX guides

XRP4U are constantly monitoring XRPL Wallet availability. Here we have selected the safest most fully featured XRPL wallet for your devices


Web Browser


The XRP Ledger contains a fully-functional decentralised exchange where users can trade issued currencies for XRP or each other:


XRP4U are working hard to create quality FREE Tutorials for our visitors, we hope the list will grow quickly.

Topics will include XRP and XRPL knowledge, SEND XRP, DEX, Escrow,  advanced Wallet use etc.

Checkout our list of Tutorials 


XRP4U are busy working on a new web based learning site dedicated to XRP and the XRP Ledger, we hope we can have this released asap, am a busy bee!

RippleNet ODL (On Demand Liquidity) has a crucial part to play in the success of the XRP Ledger. For this reason I have broken ODL out of the Ripple page and given it a well deserved home of it’s own!


There are number of high profile developers and many superb XRPL projects both Live and being built, here XRP4U will add and track as many live projects as we can and add developer profiles as and when they join the #XRPCommunity.

Developer Portal

The XRP Community Fund will be used to support the development of tools / apps / integrations / plugins that make it easier to use XRP for (consumer/small business) payments. They also hope to attract more developers to the community. Bounties will be available for developers working on tools requested over a longer period of time by the XRP Community.

XRP Community Fund

The Heroes of the XRP Ledger


This is a sneek peak as page still under construction!

Coil is a Web Monetization streaming payment service that streams payments in XRP or US Dollars when content is viewed.

Video Platforms

  • Cinnamon Video
  • Imgur
  • Youtube
  • Twitch

Website content

XRP4U monitors the internet for the best FREE tools for the XRP Ledger, here are an example of some of our favourites!

Our XRPL Tools page gives an overview of all the Favourites.

XRP4U XRPL Tools page

Dive deep into the XRP Ledger with XRPSCAN: The best XRP Ledger Explorer!

Get notified for all XRP transactions in/out of specified XRP addresses! Handy for the transactions you make, critical for any you DID NOT! XRPBALANCE.info

Where in the World is all the XRP? xrptracker.kka72.com tells you where it is! search large transactions and more! All in Real time! 

More than enough Eye candy to make your teeth fall out! Some eye dazzling graphics created from real time transactions on the XRP Ledger.

XRP4U have squeezed together on the same page some of the best sites so sit back with some popcorn and enjoy! PC/Tablet viewing only!

XRP4U XRPL graphics overload!





Learn and Practice using 3,000 XRP on the XRPL TestNet, don’t risk your XRP playing and learning in the real world, its far to precious!

The Lab contains 3 XRPL Testnet wallets that are hosted by GitHub, you can send and receive XRP (watch the speed!) between the 3 wallets and learn other advanced functions safely, including creating an XRPL Issued Currency!

XRP4U TestNet Lab

Everyone has their favourite Twitter user or YouTuber etc, this is an extensive long list of our favourites.



XRP Chat

Coil Blogs

Please contact us for any incorrect information shown, any comments, any suggestions, any praises, anything! Thank You

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