Lost Ancient

-Göbekli Tepe-

Civilised Human History is being rewritten!

Humans have occupied the globe for any many dozens of thousands of years but the history we are taught from 6,000 years ago is that of the first civilised people, Wikipedia says this:

Then in 1994 the archaeologist  Klaus Schmidt visited a site which had in fact been discovered earlier and mistakenly labelled as a cemetery in 1963. What he uncovered were fantastic stones circles with stone pillars, some having intricate carvings, this did not shock the world at first then after carbon dating organic material found at the site the results of the carbon dating has now shaken the historical academia to their core! The date of the organic material therefore the existence of the site came back as 10,000 BC! That is to say the sites existence has been confirmed as 10,000 BC but the site development, as there are many stone circles at different levels built on top of each other and over a wide area indicates the site has been continually build upon for possibly thousands of years before 10,000 BC, as more is uncovered new and far older dates are expected.

Enclosure D's Pillar 43

Each stone circle in GÖBEKLI TEPE have been labelled as an Enclosure and the pillars within are numbered, so enclosure D has a pillar within, amongst others, which is labelled as pillar 43.  As you can see there are some lovely carved animals carved into the pillar, you may think these are probably local wildlife but you could not be more wrong!

This particular stone circle and its pillars is dated at, ahem.. drum roll please…..  9600 – 9500 BC! yep, you read that right, if you have not already visited the Atlantis page then you are possibly a bit confused for the drum roll. In summary around 600 BC Solon was told by Egyptian priests that 9,000 years before their time a powerful empire called Atlantis sunk in Fire and Flood in 1 day and 1 night, so this occurred in 9600 BC, hence the drum roll. Please finish here first then visit the Atlantis page.

Not wanting to spoil the fun but there is no indication this pillar is giving any clues about Atlantis, but there is truth that a picture tells a thousand words.

No the pillar is not a picture of a local Zoo it is a

Another drum roll please….

Enclosure D's Pillar 43

… It is a Star Map of the night sky! To go even further it is a representation of a view of the stars one would see in the night sky at a specific date!

Yep, you read that right, according to some researchers, obviously not the local authority of course because they all deny anything that is so incredible! The creatures represent celestial systems in the night sky.

So here we are as a species at 9,600 BC and according to our trusted teachers of human history we are at this time in history as thick as planks sitting around a fire grunting UG at each other, except in this quiet hill side where humans know about star signs (Scorpio for example) and are able to carve, move, raise a 10 Ton stone pillar and all this after they  have carved a star map which is a time stamp in history with a stone hammer! 

Cmon teachers! I am not as stupid as I look:-)

There is one researcher who does think the date this sky view provides is 9,600 BC and is date stamp of an event worth recording, a cataclysmic event possibly, the same which sunk Atlantis, and he concludes this by the headless person seen at the bottom of the pillar, this analysis is still being discussed within certain circles.

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