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What has been lost?

This page breaks away from my main content of the XRP Ledger into another interest I have in Lost Ancient Civilisations, particularly their lost technology.

I am fascinated by all things technological for today and tomorrow and recently I have been drawn to lost technology of ancient times, as evidence grows that something is not quite correct with our academic teachings of our Human Civilisation development, our lost history!

As this page develops I will talk about some of the most incredible places listed below that exist on this earth, places where you can visit to see these true wonders of the world and I will cover the dedicated work that is being done to tell the true story that academia is hiding because admitting the truth would mean rewriting every book ever written on OUR Human Civilisation!

Save this page to your favourites and return often as what you are about to learn will leave you shocked and I hope will create a thirst for knowledge as it has done for me!


Human Civilisation development has had many stages and this varies across the globe. Even the ancient sites we are taught in school such as The Pyramids did not just appear, they also had earlier beginnings. This earlier age is referred to as the Neolithic Age, tools from this age are shown below.

According to Myth and Legend the great powerful civilisation of Atlantis, with an almighty powerful army able to sail the seas with unknown technology existed around 11,500 BC! This ‘Myth’ will be looked into later. However, real life recent discoveries such as Göbekli Tepe accurately dated at 10,000 BC now questions the thinking that the Neolithic age was in fact the start! It is as if Human Civilisation took a huge backward step and had to develop the tools and skills again! What could have happened to loose so much technology and knowledge? Globally!

Was the Neolithic Age actually the start of a ‘New Beginning’?



Truth or Myth? In Greek mythology, Atlantis is the name of the legendary island that was a naval power that conquered many parts of Western Europe and Africa in 9600 BC, that is 11,800 years ago from today! Bank in the middle of the Comet event mentioned below! Has this land been located off…. The coast of the UK!




Truly incredible feats of cutting and moving colossal megalith stones! Who would cut out of the bare rock 1,000 Ton Megaliths to be used as bricks in a wall! Even today using the mega cranes we have would be a technological challange. Who did this? Why? and more incredibly how!

Göbekli Tepe


Who mapped solar systems 10,000 years ago. Recently discovered in Turkey this massive group of temples is aligned with a Solar system not visible to the naked eye. According to academics they should not have had the knowledge, they should not have had the stone skills or tools, when in fact they did have it all! Now it is time to rewrite the history books and only now start to look for what we have lost!

The pyramids

Giza, Egypt

Undoubtedly the most well known ancient monuments. Built as a tomb’s for Egyptian kings, or were they in fact discovered, claimed and used as tombs is very different truth! Do they sit on top of a hidden sunken city with tunnels to the Sphinx!


Giza, Egypt

Hotly disputed age, according to some experts the ‘water’ erosion on basin walls and the Sphinx itself are ‘at least’ 10,000 years old. Only now are Egyptian authorities discussing the possibility of a sunken chambers! Some say a sunken city!



Dated from Roman re-carving, but who was the original architects, the interior is simply a massive chamber dug from the rock, the acoustics within is a clue to its true beginnings and purpose.

Abu Gorab


Stone machining and core drilling far beyond Dynastic Egyptian technology


Alexandria, Egypt

Huge granite carved boxes, to bury a bull! think not!



Dated from Roman re-carving, who was the original architects

Macchu piccu

Macchu Picchu


The original centre piece was built around at a far later date by the Inca, this is seen clearly by the poor quality stonework of the Inca, so again the older stonework skills and knowledge  is far superior!

Cusco peru


Cusco, Peru

Incredible huge interlocking stone block walls built with absolute precision

Puma Punku


Western Bolivia

Disputed age of 11,000 to 17,000 years old. The perfect right angles of these H blocks and other stone carvings leaves today’s stone masons dumbfounded!

Many more to be added, yes there are many more sites of wonder and they are spread all around the world, every great continent has a similar story to tell, a developing story in our lifetime!

Not lies just not the truth!

Recycling on a fantastic scale!

If you were a ruler and found an incredible wonder would you not claim it as you own? Some monuments possibly existed thousands of years before their supposed construction and ‘new’ ownership, Rocks & stone have been undatable but technology is improving and some shocking stories are on their way!

When you look at ancient monuments you should not be looking at the top! What is found at the bottom is far older.”

How did they do it with bronze chisles and stone hammers!

Lets get the scary bit out of the way, we do need to know what we are dealing with from our not very distant past history that has no doubt, and becoming more evident every year of further research, had a huge affect on our Human Civilisation development cycle! Yes that's correct we are in a new cycle of development, one that we may have had to repeat again! How many times possibly before that!

Why were some of these wonderous sites totally ruined or unfinished work!

The Cataclysm At 12,800 years ago

Visit the Comet Research Group

Unlucky America!

Around 12,800 years ago a huge broken up Comet hit the Earth, this Comet impacted on a huge glacial sheet miles deep that covered most of Canada and parts of Northen America.

As part of this Lost Ancient Civilisation discovery we will look at the part this rare event played, if not being wholly responsible that changed the course of Human Civilisation around the world!

15 Minute overview presented by Matt of Ancient Architects YT channel

1 Hour deeper dive based on more recent work by experts and gives a a differing opinion of events, yet still Cataclysmic! Presented by Ben of Uncharted X YT channel

It is understandable if you were unable to watch the above video, worrying about today’s tasks is enough.

If you are still reading this page then you are interested in Lost Ancient Civilisations regardless of how they were sent back into what we now refer to as the Neolithic age of basic human survival.

Who were they? How advanced were they? What technology did they have? Who did they become? My DNA or your own DNA may have come from the direct descendants of the survivors of this cataclysmic event 12,800 years ago! Others were descendants of people who were aware that something very bad happened somewhere in the world and past on these stories!

Lets look at why we believe there was a Lost Global Civilisation. Starting at Baalbek in Lebanon, like most of the archaeology sites around the world, all that remains after thousands of years of time and weather are stones, some small and some incredible large! Part of the mystery of these stones is how they were cut, moved and lifted to extreme heights. On looking closer at some of these stones we find Tool marks more specifically power tool cutting marks, no, we are not talking electrical power drills but we are talking about tools that according to academia did not exist until thousands of years later in the Roman period, more incredibly some stones were drilled using tools that not only match stone cutting tools of today but were even were more powerful!

Lets begin!

Baalbek, Lebanon

Great video from Bright Insight click video logo to subscribe to him.

If you are into ancient Aliens, which I am very sceptical, you can watch a video made by the History Channel about Baalbek and the possible use of the platform created by these Monolithic 1000+ ton stones: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DVT4jjeaTF8

Baalbek, Lebanon

Baalbek is a temple complex which includes two of the largest and grandest Roman temple ruins: the Temple of Bacchus and the Temple of Jupiter. It was inscribed in 1984 as an UNESCO World Heritage site. It is accepted by some that the Romans discovered existing ruins of Baalbek and built their temples on top, wouldn’t you?

The temples are themselves incredible but we really just want to focus on the Platform made from these Megalithic stones, this platform was here thousands of years ago before the Romans built on top of the platform!

Nice drone footage and nice music

Brien Foerster – Megalithic Expert

Nice walk around, Russian

Ancient Aliens for those into that subject


YDB Field

Baalbeck lies within the YDB field, the debris field from the comet impact. This would have caused massive disruption. The impact immediate climate change alone would create catastrophic consequences and stopped all work immediately! Why defend against your enemy when you are all defending against your gods!

The Younger Dryas impact was 12,800 years so if Baalbek was caught up in this global cataclysm or in its after affects that lasted for 1,300 years then an advanced global civilisation, with some unknown high tech we can only just match today, could easily have been lost or their knowledge at least as they struggle to survive which an estimated 60% of humans at that time did not!

Coming Soon - Atlantis!

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