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There are various ways to spend your XRP if you really feel the need! Most people holding XRP or another Crypo Currency are holding until they get astronomical gains. ‘When Moon’ for someone holding 100,000XRP could mean they start spending sooner than someone holding 1,000XRP.

There are some organisations that already provide routes to help you spend your beloved XRP!

A big name providing an online store is Bitcoin Superstore, but, they are not really a retail store with stock, more like a man in the middle purchase agent. The service they provide is; you go find your item at various major brand stores (see website for list) you enter the product code and retail price into the shopping cart which gives you a price in your chosen crypto currency and you pay in that currency. The site reps then use their business accounts (discounted prices to them most likely) and place the order and your delivery address.

Did you spend Crypro to pay for your purchase, Yes

Do they have a reasonably easy method for you to go online and place the orderl Yes

Is it a bit more leg work finding the item and then going to another site to place the order, Yes

I could see the process develop rapidly and the need for a middle man fizzle out with time

Crypto Visa cards are on the rise. These cards tend to be linked with an account on an Exchange type platform with additional functionality like fiat P2P currency transfer, and Cryptro transfer, Wirex and Spend being two of these. You purchase your desired Crypto and it is held in your account/digital wallet.

With the Wirex Card you manually Exchange Crypto to your account which has a linked Visa card, currently only GBP and the Euro are available with a seperate card required for each currency. Development into North America, Canada and other countries is progressing slowly. Wirex as an Exchange holds its own popularity even without the Visa card option, also currently a £1 per month Visa card management fee applies.

With Spend it is pretty much similar to the Wirex platform but the Crypto to Fiat happens on the fly, no manual transfer within the app of crypto to fiat, you load with the crypto of your choice available on the platform and go spending. Spend is now available in the United States!

Visa cards to spend Online and instore

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Bitcoin Superstore is a registered corporation with the State of Florida, USA since January 2018. 

Team Values

Our team prides itself on integrity and our outstanding customer service.
At Bitcoin Superstore, we believe cryptocurrency is the future, and significant developments will take place with the use of blockchain technology. 


Our team is dedicated to helping spread the usage of cryptocurrency as a true currency.  Spend and replace is our motto!

Digitec Galaxus AG

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The online shops digitec.ch and galaxus.ch together form Digitec Galaxus AG.

digitec is Switzerland’s online market leader in the fields of IT, consumer electronics and telecommunication. Galaxus is the largest Swiss online shop with a steadily growing range of products for almost all daily needs, offering consistently low prices as well as fast, reliable and free delivery.


We enable a comfortable and efficient shopping experience at consistently low prices. At the same time, we create a comprehensive platform for inspiration, information and communication that invites customers to actively participate.

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