Take Your XRP Offline!

You would use your banks mobile app or website to view your current balance.

Wether you leave your XRP on an Exchange or move it ‘offline’ to a soft/hard wallet, just like your cash remains in the bank, your XRP remains on the XRP Ledger network, so you really only view the balance and transfer it around.

You would usually create an account on an Exchange then purchase your XRP from the Exchange and leave it there. You have a Public key to receive into this account but you do not have a Private Key that gives total control. Some Exchanges PLAY with your XRP for their gain only! They are expected to keep it safe!

To keep total control of your XRP you require a Software Wallet, which is installed onto your Smart Phone or PC, or a USB/Other Hardware Wallet.

You are solely responsible for the safety of your XRP!

Compare how you money is kept and moved to how your XRP is kept on an Exchange or an offline wallet.

You can search online for the many types and providers of both Software and Hardware wallets

A example of a Software vs Hardware wallet is given below, both are popular types used by the XRPcommunity.

Toast Wallet is a free (Donations only) XRP Wallet to take total ownership of your XRP Digital Asset

Could be vulnerable to a PC Failure or PC hack but the hacker also needs your secure pin codes and passphrases.

Learn more with the Desktop Toast Wallet Tutorial

Toast Wallet is a free (Donations only) XRP Wallet to take total ownership of your XRP Digital Asset

A USB based wallet removes the ability of a PC hack when it is removed and due to its cheap costs multiple copies can be made and shared as backups

Learn more with the USB Toast Wallet Tutorial

The Ledger Nano is a hardware based device and provides enhanced security and online recovery of your XRP Wallet in the event of a fault.

The link for the Ledger Nano website below will give you much more detail on its capabilities and integrated enhanced security.  The link does contain an affiliate code and you can remove this from the website landing page once open if you feel the need. Affiliate rewards help keep this website alive, thank you.

Ledger Nano S - The secure hardware wallet