Codius is an open hosting protocol. It makes it very easy to upload a program, whether you want it to run on one host or thousands.

It also has built-in billing. That means once a program is uploaded, anyone can pay to keep it running — the author, the users and even the program itself

Peer-to-peer Hosting

There are many ways to host reliable services. But they all require constant maintenance, abandoned projects die.

Codius lets you turn your service into a peer-to-peer network. That means as long as there is one person out there using it, it’ll keep running and it’ll never be down.

Decentralized Apps

It’s great that we have decentralized currencies like Bitcoin. But right now you have to choose between centralized, user-friendly and decentralized, annoying wallets.

With Codius, you can get the full spectrum of decentralization. Choose anything from total centralization to complete distribution.

Smart Contracts

When two people transact, they could write the terms of their transactions into code, but neither of them might trust the other to run it.

Codius allows a third party to run it and attest to the integrity of the exact code it received.

2 years ago
Codius Reboot Coming Soon - Check out the Codius Host 2.0 Preview:
2 years ago
We have surpassed 500 active hosts on the Codius network!

Active Hosts: 501
Network Memory: 6.32 TB
Contracts Running: 401
Host Fees: 9.77 XRP
CodiusHosts photo
3 years ago
We're seeing a surge in contract activity in the last hour, with some hosts running 20+ contracts.

Active Hosts: 391
Network Memory: 4.40 TB
Contracts Running: 275
Host Fees: 9.53 XRP avg.
CodiusHosts photo
3 years ago
Running Contracts Drop Sharply
Load testing on pause? Contracts running dropped sharply over the last 24 hours.

400 Active Hosts
There's plenty of room for development. Time to build. Let's see those apps! Tell us if you're workining on a Codius app.
CodiusHosts photo
3 years ago
Very cool!! Codius in action... check out “Betty”, the decentralized World Cup betting contract built by the @Coil crew.
3 years ago
Not only did the network surpass the 300 active hosts mark, we've seen a nice bump in contracts running over the last few days. Check out the trends with our new visualization tools.

New charts for contracts running: 24 hours, 7 days, 30 days
CodiusHosts photo

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