Wietse Wind XRPL Projects

Wietse Wind is a Software programmer from the Netherlands and has been a power house behind XRPL (XRP Ledger) utilisation and adoption.

XRPL Projects


While iPublications still serves an active customer base of 100+ SMB/large sized companies, Wietse stumbled upon the XRP ledger. Excited by the efficiency, accessibility and on-ledger functionality. With new-found enthusiasm he started to develop and publish open source code, samples and tools for the XRP community and other developers and companies.

Creator of the XRPTipBot
How the Fund was founded

Over 90 exchanges were tested by some of the XRP Community members. The XRPL implementation (different transaction types) were tested, and results were sent to the exchanges. Some exchanges decided to reward the community for their efforts. We (the testing community members) decided to use the bounties to start the XRP Community Fund.

What will be funded

The XRP Community Fund will be used to support the development of tools / apps / integrations / plugins that make it easier to use XRP for (consumer/small business) payments. We also hope to attract more developers to the community. Bounties will be available for developers working on tools requested over a longer period of time by the XRP Community.

Visit Boutines as of 11th March 2019