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Joel Katz

Brad Garlinghouse

Dilip Rao

3 weeks ago
The lyrics of Australia’s national anthem have been altered by one word to recognize the country’s Indigenous history, Prime Minister Scott Morrison announced Thursday. The words “we are young and free” were changed to “we are one and free.”

Ryan Zagone

2 weeks ago
One's experience in a start up is defined the team and the leadership. This is a great example of leading with ❤️ from @shamir_k and @i2pi who paved the way for challenger banks in the US.

Excited to see what's to come from them ( @SilaMoney etc). Kudos to a big legacy @simple!

Asheesh Birla

Marcus Treacher

2 months ago
Standard Chartered launches new crypto custody service for major assets including ETH and XRP. Awesome milestone in the emergence of the digital currency economy!

Ethan Beard

2 weeks ago
Actually, executives that criticize China’s governance have their companies taken away and disappear. Ask Jack Ma.

This is a First Amendment issue, as in private companies can do this because of the First Amendment.

Chris Larsen

1 month ago
@2ndharvest is now serving an average of 500,000 people in Silicon Valley every month, twice the amount pre-pandemic. I am proud to support them. Join me and #GiveWhatMatters:

Monica Long

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