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Joel Katz

12 hours ago
@Neloangelo314 @kanyewest I've been working on a pretty cool surprise for Swell. It's actually where this guy (who, IMO, is clearly saying "actually") comes from. JoelKatz photo

Brad Garlinghouse

3 days ago
Over 70% of the central banks around the world are looking at deploying #CBDCs - and one thing that's crystal clear is the importance of interoperability. If you’re not prioritizing this, you’re just rebuilding the same siloed system.

Dilip Rao

1 week ago
Hey Craig! Am looking for a crypto donate button for a charity in Oz: @IIMPACTAUS Help?

Ryan Zagone

1 week ago
Rest In Peace, RBG. You showed us what it means to fight for progress and equality. You leave a legacy for us all to aspire to.

Asheesh Birla

2 days ago
I am personally excited to partner with my friend @smerani @paradevc on the new fund!

Marcus Treacher

Ethan Beard

1 month ago
Thanks @johnhadams for the opportunity to discuss how @payid_org is transforming the way we send money around the globe!

Chris Larsen

5 days ago
As some of you may have noticed, I moved an $XRP wallet to NYDIG. I’ve known the founders for a while, and am impressed by their security and top notch institutional standards -- this is truly custody 2.0. Check them out at

Monica Long

3 days ago
The XRP Ledger was built for payments, and the XRP Foundation was built to support the XRPL 😉 From all of us at @Ripple, we’re looking forward to #building with you.
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