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Love For Crypto

4 days ago
12 years and counting waiting for a new Reserve Currency...

#xrp #ilp #iov

Alex Cobb

1 day ago
@Okamoto85 Damn that’s tight but we need some price action for streams 😉

Thinking Crypto

Crypto Eir

4 hours ago
Ant Group Launches “Trusple,” an AntChain-Powered Global Trade and Financial Services Platform for SMEs and Financial Institutions. What's it all about?

Jungle Inc

23 hours ago
I put a quick video together on the AntChain announcement from Ant Financial.

Kung Fu Nerd

The Modern Investor

Oz Crypto

1 month ago
@David_Cloughy @coinspotau Wasn't to promote their exchange. I entered and won. I have been promoting their exchange because I use it. No arrangement in place.

The Working Money Channel


5 months ago
My week on Twitter 🎉: 6 Mentions, 15.9K Mention Reach, 1 Like, 3 New Followers. See yours with SPQRMedia1 photo


3 days ago
The XRP Ledger was built for payments, and the XRP Foundation was built to support the XRPL 😉 From all of us at @Ripple, we’re looking forward to #building with you.

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