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CKJ Crypto News

54 minutes ago
ADA on FIRE +15.70%
Staking and Baking Coming to Coinbase
#MrStakingandBaking #401k #HODL #ADA
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Love For Crypto

Alex Cobb

Thinking Crypto

6 minutes ago
Interview with @binance CEO CZ @cz_binance

- #Binance Card
- #CoinMarketCap Acquisition
- #Bitcoin Mining Pool
- #XRP Data on CMC & becoming #Ripple ODL partner
- & More!


#crypto #cbdc #blockchain #ethereum
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Crypto Eir

8 hours ago
Paying attention to everything. Ralph Chimi, IMF Asst Director today in a video with the World Bank regarding reducing cost of remittances with digital assets: I don't want to name names but "Are you going to allow one Company to control a corridor?"

Jungle Inc

Kung Fu Nerd

30 minutes ago
Holy sheet ADA is crushing XRP by comparison if you look at recovery rate from last drop in the year and by cost ratio to each other and BTC 😲

#ada #xrp #btc

The Modern Investor

Oz Crypto

15 hours ago
@kalbeeba Jungle did mention. Cheers for looking out mate.

The Working Money Channel


1 month ago
My week on Twitter 🎉: 49 Mentions, 4.45K Mention Reach. See yours with SPQRMedia1 photo


1 week ago
@XRP_stuart Stuart so kind thank you. I Miss all the action. I'm sure you are keeping everyone up to date. I'm going to have to check out your feed to catch up.

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