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9 months ago
@galgitron @WietseWind You are too kind, @galgitron! I appreciate your writing style, though I didn't interact much. Keep on keeping on; I'll be reading. 🧐😎


20 minutes ago
Chainlink posting new all-time high.

Still the largest position in my portfolio.

I started accumulating in Q3 2018 and mentioned it on Twitter, it was at ca. 0.30$ back then. Now it's at ca 5.40$.

#link $link #chainlink

Tiffany Hayden

10 minutes ago
@catoshimeowmoto I don’t actually have a camera crew to follow me around and take pics everyday.
Also, fuck off.
https://t.co/uSr7NwNqp1 https://t.co/OZeA8OxXAz

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Rachel Lee

Dr T

Nik Bougalis

15 hours ago
@StephanieKelton @BryceWeiner Look, ARI is a "victim" here and this is just a "refund of their own money." They "advance the cause of freedom" instead of leaving "their money, unclaimed, for the benefit of the welfare-state administration."


Crypto Joe

Rob Le


Bob Bender

Steven vargas

1 hour ago
THREAD: Leapfrog

1. On 15 July 2019, we learned of the "pipeline" between young Victoria’s Secret models and Jeffrey Epstein.

We were introduced to Ghislaine Maxwell and told to “follow the family”.

Other cryptic clues were offered along with some pictures of G Max. https://t.co/exs7wNxSwI
stevevargas photo

Ripple Man

3 days ago
Spend today on the couch watching TV. ☑️

Spend tomorrow on the couch, watch both Independence Day movies at least, and continue watching TV.

Spend Sunday on the couch watching TV.

No joke, my ideal 3 day weekend.


Republic Of Croatia – XRP_Cro

Singapore – ecent

4 hours ago
This is an enormous reimagining of how lending can work + the role reputation and credibility can take in the process with smart contract magic under the hood.

Not at all dissimilar to venture investmenting and fund building, P2P lending, invoice factoring, etc.
$LEND @AaveAave https://t.co/Bzy6koPAHC
EDadoun photo
stani.eth ’Lean DeFi’ Kulechov 👻 @StaniKulechov
@AaveAave is starting native Credit Delegation (CD). Aave depositors can delegate their credit lines. For example, Karen deposits an asset such as USDT to @AaveAave and delegates her credit line to Chad, who draws funds such as ETH from Aave Protocol. https://t.co/MwU1faThIi

Australia – Steven Diep

Mexico – XRP Research Center

Boncryp XRP

1 day ago
We're now live with the prize drawing for our #BTRAnniversary, with $100,000 in prizes going out to the Bitrue community over 7 days! Day 1 we're giving away 2,000,000 $VET, try your luck over at https://t.co/aW7Q7su8j1 #VeFam https://t.co/Ca0ALtl6ha boncryp photo

Norway – XRP Norway

3 weeks ago
Vi får håpe flere i AP tar etter. Det sies at de minst progressive i AP, er i mindretall. AP har enorm makt over denne reformen, de har muligheten til å både sikre den, og å torpedere den. Bra av Knudsen! https://t.co/woPKP5RzP7 XRP_Norway photo

Mexico – XRP Research Center



3 hours ago
🚨 Beware of Scammers and Fake Pages on Facebook!

There are currently a number of fake pages impersonating Wirex on Facebook.

Here’s what you need to know:

Stay safe, Wirexers!


26 minutes ago
@realcryptopapa The 0% pricing is in our mobile app (mentioned in the tweet). We have a huge update coming to the web app soon (including pricing). 😉


6 months ago
XRPCommunity: it’s been great 😃 However, due to new regulations in The Netherlands (The home of XRParrot) the XRParrot service comes to an end. Accidental or automatic transfers to XRParrot will still be processed for some time (users will be informed). Thank you for everything!


2 hours ago
Chair of the @BTCFoundation @brockpierce is running for US president! 🇺🇸

This & more in this week’s roundup of #cryptonews 🗞️

#Bitcoin @bitfinex @Expedia @ScienceChannel @travalacom https://t.co/n1QE2GtsO2

XRP United


Twitter overload! 🙂 May add more if and when