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11 months ago
@galgitron @WietseWind You are too kind, @galgitron! I appreciate your writing style, though I didn't interact much. Keep on keeping on; I'll be reading. 🧐😎


1 day ago
A virus does not care if you think that it does not exist.

Tiffany Hayden

2 hours ago
@BenTipit @cel_pringle @Hopiumhater @PipNyanga @Arturo_P_A @galgitron @XRP_stuart @bgarlinghouse @XRP007XRP Bank money is private money (a bank IOU) whereas central bank money is public.
Banks in other countries probably won’t accept an IOU from the Bank of Bob, but Central Bank money is extremely valuable. And banks want to continue working with entities they can hold accountable.

XRP News

Rachel Lee

Dr T

Nik Bougalis

2 days ago
@digitalxrp @haydentiff @sladecrypto @akkadian_a @simonadams19821 @benmickcom @JoelKatz @Ripple @GuidoVranken Let me be even blunter then: all code has bugs and while your “I trust the brains at Ripple” schtick is cute, if you want to meaningful participate in this conversation, perhaps you ought to educate yourself a little first?

Crypto Joe

1 month ago
@Cryptop007 @HaraldoXRP I'd say, if you think medium-term, yes. I don't know what short-term price action is going to look like. That's @HaraldoXRP's specialty. 🙂

There are bullish catalysts on the horizon, however.

Rob Le


Bob Bender

2 days ago
@csonkaguy We have arrived. Awesome. 🤗🤗🤓. First up - nap.

Steven vargas

Ripple Man

9 hours ago
This worked with the girlfriend.

Honey I will be useless until I am super useful. That's what I am banking on.

Republic Of Croatia – XRP_Cro

2 days ago
@csonkaguy We have arrived. Awesome. 🤗🤗🤓. First up - nap.

Singapore – ecent

4 hours ago
@kyled116 "pro bono" is a weird typo for "shilling"

Australia – Steven Diep

1 day ago
@theRealKiyosaki Robert, do you hold #XRP? It is a faster digital asset that is being used by money transfer companies to move value across borders.

Mexico – XRP Research Center

Boncryp XRP

2 hours ago
*Way To Go!!
*The Bahamas to Begin Gradual Launch of World’s First CBDC in October THE “SAND DOLLAR”
*The Digital Currency will be Gradually Phased in, Not Airdropped.
*The CBDC Will Still Not Provide Anonymity
#IoV #FinTechs

Norway – XRP Norway

2 weeks ago
Norwegian @Mirai_Exchange supports the $SPARK airdrop 🇧🇻👏🏻 https://t.co/LSCt8b62be

Mexico – XRP Research Center



3 hours ago
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16 hours ago
1/2 ‘The Bloomberg Galaxy Crypto Index, tracking digital currencies, has notched a 66 percent return so far in turbulent 2020, well ahead of gold…


8 months ago
XRPCommunity: it’s been great 😃 However, due to new regulations in The Netherlands (The home of XRParrot) the XRParrot service comes to an end. Accidental or automatic transfers to XRParrot will still be processed for some time (users will be informed). Thank you for everything!


18 hours ago
Are you new to #crypto? Do you get confused by different terms such as ATH or FOMO?

We’ve got the solution! Read the first part of our beginner’s guide to crypto in our blog

👉 https://t.co/wbmQXODGpF

#BeginnersGuideToCrypto https://t.co/iZRZ0l6Z00
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Twitter overload! 🙂 May add more if and when