Play with XRP on the XRPL TestNet

Because your XRP is too precious to loose!

Warning! DO NOT enter any of your personal keys into the wallets below, we are not responsible for any loses you may experience!

If you want to use this Web wallet directly go to this link

You can Learn and practice

  • Make transactions between wallets
  • Create Buy/Sell orders
  • create FX Trades
  • Create Trustlines
  • Create Escrows
  • Learn Advanced wallet features
  • Video Lessons
  • For best user experience open this page on your PC!

Always play safe!

  • Never give out your private keys!
  • Never give out your passphrases!
  • Always beware of scams!
  • If something is too good to be true it's probably very bad!
  • This space is for Testnet play only, get your secret keys and 20,000 XRP using the XRP TestNet faucet below

Get these 2 temporary XRPL TestNet wallets loaded with 10,000 XRP each! - Sorry XRP can't be sent outside the TestNet 🙂

Instructions on how to setup these testnet wallets

Also find a setup video and video training lessons located below the wallets!

This page opens with two XRPL wallets, they display a demo account belonging to and the Master keys are disabled so NO it is impossible to transfer the XRP out! 🙂

If you find the XRPL Testnet is offline please come back later, XRP4U has no control over XRPL TestNet network availability. 

TestNet Wallet A

TestNet Wallet B

  • Video 1: XRPL Wallet setup
  • Video 2: Restore your wallets after coming back
  • Video 3: Make your 1st XRP transaction
  • Video 4: Move XRP from Ripple Wallet to the Toast Wallet off from this website. Both wallets are on the XRPL TestNet
  • Video 5: Verify if a transaction was successful by checking the XRP Ledger (testnet)
  • Video 6: More videos coming soon!

Now make payments A to B and B to A, create Escrows and try all features with this XRPL TestNet wallet.

Testnet wallets are automatically cleared periodically but you can use the faucet testnet secret in any empty XRPL wallet, make sure you add the XRPL Testnet Gateway if using your own empty wallet: wss://

Download Toast Wallet on your mobile to play on the go!

If you found this page useful and would like to tip me please smash the XRPTipBot below, thank you for your support!


For some video learning please visit the Web Learning page, 1st create an account by hitting Home menu button then hit the menu Home/Members LSM button

This is a new feature and lots more training to be added soon!

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